Becki Robins

Freelance Writer

Becki Robins lives in the small town of Rough and Ready, Calif. She has four extremely loud children and one mild-mannered British husband, but sometimes prefers the company of the nine chickens that live in the backyard. Becki has a master's degree in science writing from Johns Hopkins University. Her work has appeared in Undark, The Atlantic and Scientific American, and on a couple of much less serious websites that don't usually edit out all her stupid jokes. In her practically nonexistent off time, she enjoys road-tripping, photography, geeky domestic crafts and embarrassing her children.

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  1. Animals

    Newfound ‘bambootula’ spider lives inside bamboo stems

    A YouTuber discovered a new tarantula genus living in bamboo near his home in Thailand. It’s the only tarantula known to choose such a habitat.