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    Let’s learn about photosynthesis

    Thank photosynthesis for the existence of all complex life on Earth — including us.

  2. Plants

    On hot summer days, this thistle stays cool to the touch

    Its yellow flowers can cool themselves substantially, staying up to 10 degrees C (18 degrees F) cooler in extreme heat.

  3. Earth

    Experiment: Can plants stop soil erosion?

    Soil erosion washes pollutants into streams and rivers — but plants may help limit that.

  4. Plants

    Rampaging vines are slowly strangling tropical forests

    Called lianas,these vines are growing out of control. They may cause tropical forests to absorb less carbon dioxide — worsening climate change.

  5. Plants

    This urban gardener is mimicking nature to create healthier plants

    Urban garden specialist Kwesi Joseph is experimenting with rock dust and plants. He also helps New York City community and school gardens with gardening problems.

  6. Plants

    To spy this palm’s blooms and fruits, start digging underground

    Plants across 33 families are known for subterranean flowering or fruiting. But this palm is extremely rare. It does both.

  7. Physics

    Here’s why blueberries aren’t blue — but appear to be

    Blueberries actually have dark red pigments — no blue ones — in their skin. Tiny structures in the fruits’ waxy coat are what make them seem blue.

  8. Plants

    Scientists Say: Marcescence

    Autumn turns to winter, yet some trees' dead leaves keep hanging on.

  9. Animals

    Pikmin’s plant-animal mashups don’t exist — but sun-powered animals do

    Corals team up with photosynthetic zooxanthellae. Some sea slugs steal chloroplasts. How might animals and plants team up in Nintendo’s Pikmin games?