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  1. Math

    Let’s learn about mathematical mysteries

    There are still many mysteries about numbers, shapes and other aspects of math that have yet to be solved.

  2. Math

    Scientists Say: Prime number

    Prime numbers’ unique quality — being divisible only by themselves and one — makes them useful for encrypting secret information.

  3. Math

    A twisty mystery about Möbius strips has been solved at last

    Turning to paper and scissors helped one mathematician finally figure out just how short the twisted loops can be.

  4. Math

    Scientists Say: Imaginary Number

    These numbers may not be “real,” but they sure aren’t make-believe.

  5. Math

    Bees and wasps devised the same clever math trick to build nests

    During nest building, these insects add five- and seven-sided cells in pairs. This helps their colony fit together hexagonal cells of different sizes.

  6. Physics

    Explainer: What is chaos theory?

    Chaos can help scientists explore subjects from climate change to human brains. Learn about the theory behind this field of science.

  7. Math

    Math explains why dense crowds form surprisingly orderly lines

    New research into the behavior of moving groups of people adds to decades of study on the wisdom of crowds.

  8. Math

    Scientists Say: Parabola

    A parabola is a U-shaped curve, where every point along that curve is the same distance from another point and a line.

  9. Math

    Scientists Say: Ellipse

    Ellipse describes the shapes of planetary orbits around their stars and explains the wacky acoustic phenomenon of “whispering chambers.”