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  1. Physics

    Here’s why scientists want a good quantum computer

    These machines could tackle big problems in climate, medicine and more. But the tech is still in its infancy — and runs on truly strange physics.

  2. Planets

    The desert planet in ‘Dune’ is pretty realistic, scientists say

     Humans could live on the fictional planet Arrakis from Dune. But thankfully giant sandworms probably could not.

  3. Space

    Here’s how to build an internet on Mars

    Future Red Planet residents will need to get online to talk to each other and Earth. But that will require a lot of new tech.

  4. Tech

    Bioelectronics research wins top award at 2024 Regeneron ISEF

    Three grand-award winners each took home at least $50,000. Hundreds more teens shared more than $9 million in prizes at the international competition.

  5. Artificial Intelligence

    Artificial intelligence is making it hard to tell truth from fiction

    Experts worry that by making it harder to tell what’s true, AI can threaten people’s reputations, health, fair elections and more.

  6. Tech

    Lego bricks inspired a new way to shape devices for studying liquids

    Inspired by Lego building blocks, the approach could enable design of adaptable tools to study how fluids move through very small spaces.

  7. Physics

    Experiment: Make your own cents-able battery

    Make your own ‘voltaic pile’ with pennies and nickels, and find out how many coins will make the most electricity!

  8. Materials Science

    Scientists Say: Semiconductor

    Modern electronics, from cell phones to video games, work thanks to these conductor-insulator hybrids.

  9. Artificial Intelligence

    Here’s why AI like ChatGPT probably won’t reach humanlike understanding

    Unlike people, this type of artificial intelligence isn’t good at learning concepts that it can apply to new situations.