More Stories in Chemistry

  1. Tech

    Engineers cook up a new way to tackle CO2: Make baking soda

    Engineers have found a material that can collect carbon dioxide from the air. When later mixed with water, it forms baking soda that can be shed in the sea.

  2. Chemistry

    Scientists turn plastic wastes into soap

    Chemists developed a way to turn plastic waste into surfactants. Those chemicals could one day become key recruits in a greener war on grime.

  3. Chemistry

    Scientists Say: Lignin

    This rigid polymer transports water and gives trees their strength.

  4. Environment

    Ultrasound waves can help remove polluting microplastics in water

    The innovative process concentrates microplastics within a flowing liquid. A two-step process then removes the potentially toxic bits.

  5. Chemistry

    Experiment: Kimchi chemistry

    In this cooking and food science project, we make kimchi from scratch and investigate changes in pH and glucose as it ferments.

  6. Physics

    Scientists Say: Supercool

    When a liquid is supercooled, it has been chilled below its freezing point without freezing.

  7. Chemistry

    Creation of quantum dots wins 2023 chemistry Nobel

    The award honors three scientists who discovered and built quantum dots, which are now used in everything from TVs to medical tools.

  8. Chemistry

    Scientists Say: Rare earth element

    Rare earth elements aren’t all that rare — but skyrocketing demand for these metals makes them precious.

  9. Animals

    A new technique creates glowing whole-body maps of mice

    Removing cholesterol from mouse bodies lets fluorescent proteins seep into every tissue. That has helped researchers map entire body parts.