More Stories in Life

  1. Plants

    On hot summer days, this thistle stays cool to the touch

    Its yellow flowers can cool themselves substantially, staying up to 10 degrees C (18 degrees F) cooler in extreme heat.

  2. Earth

    Experiment: Can plants stop soil erosion?

    Soil erosion washes pollutants into streams and rivers — but plants may help limit that.

  3. Psychology

    You’re too distracted. Here’s why that matters and what to do about it

    Science reveals the many reasons we are so distracted, from poor sleep and social media to diet and exercise. It also shows us how to take back our focus.

  4. Animals

    Tardigrades survive harsh conditions by almost dying. Here’s how

    Under stress, a chemical change signals these water bears to switch between live and mostly dead.

  5. Tech

    Scientists Say: Bionic

    This type of technology combines natural and synthetic systems. It can restore lost vision and mobility and even grant cells new abilities.

  6. Plants

    Rampaging vines are slowly strangling tropical forests

    Called lianas,these vines are growing out of control. They may cause tropical forests to absorb less carbon dioxide — worsening climate change.

  7. Plants

    This urban gardener is mimicking nature to create healthier plants

    Urban garden specialist Kwesi Joseph is experimenting with rock dust and plants. He also helps New York City community and school gardens with gardening problems.

  8. Animals

    Let’s learn about Godzilla and King Kong

    These blockbuster monsters are too big to exist. But if they were real, what adaptations would each bring to battle?

  9. Animals

    Scientists Say: Megalodon

    The extinct megalodon (Otodus megalodon) was the largest shark to ever prowl the oceans.