More Stories in Life

  1. Tech

    Bionic plants and electric algae may usher in a greener future

    Some can aid the climate by removing pollutants. Others would just avoid dirtying the environment in the first place.

  2. Climate

    Some tree leaves are finding it too hot for photosynthesis

    Earth’s ongoing fever threatens to push entire forests toward this heat limit — and possible death.

  3. Plants

    Scientists Say: Fertilize

    This word describes both a stage of sexual reproduction and the agricultural practice of adding nutrients to soil.

  4. Plants

    Young corn leaves can ‘smell’ danger

    As they mature, these leaves lose their ability to detect threatening scents.

  5. Animals

    Let’s learn about why turkeys are dinosaurs

    Modern birds are the only dinosaurs that survived an apocalyptic extinction event 66 million years ago.

  6. Brain

    Scientists Say: Deep brain stimulation

    Through wires implanted in a person’s brain, this medical treatment can help treat various conditions.

  7. Animals

    Invertebrates are pretty clever, but are they conscious?

    Scientists are designing experiments to test whether these animals have self-aware experiences as we do.

  8. Humans

    Senses help the brain interpret our world — and our own bodies

    Most people are familiar with sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch –– but there are others. Learn about them here.

  9. Animals

    Some cockatoos craft drumsticks, then woo mates like a rockstar

    To win over a gal, these flashy males craft and use their signature instruments in a musical display akin to a human rock concert.