More Stories in Earth

  1. Health & Medicine

    New tool maps where U.S. heat can pose threats to your health

    The daily updated HeatRisk maps use color coding to show where the health threat from heat is highest. The website also offers tips for staying safe.

  2. Oceans

    The seas’ record-breaking hot streak may bring unwelcome changes

    Off-the-charts warming could fire up more hurricanes, intensify coral bleaching and accelerate the melting of Antarctic sea ice.

  3. Animals

    Surprise! These animals can help fight climate change

    Some animals help fight climate change by boosting the amount of carbon dioxide that plants, algae and bacteria absorb from the atmosphere.

  4. Environment

    To limit pollution, new recipe makes plastic a treat for microbes

    Microplastics made from fossil fuels take centuries to disappear. But the plant- and algae-based plastic can break down in weeks to months.

  5. Earth

    Earthquake sensor: Taylor Swift fans ‘Shake It Off’

    Scientists determined dancing fans were behind the seismic waves recorded during Swift’s August concerts.

  6. Chemistry

    Air pollution can make it harder for pollinators to find flowers

    Pollutants that build up in night air can break down the scents that attract pollinating hawkmoths to primrose blooms, disrupting their pollination.

  7. Chemistry

    Turning jeans blue with sunlight might help the environment

    When dipped in indican and exposed to sunlight, yarn turns a deep blue. This process is more eco-friendly than the current denim dyeing method.

  8. Earth

    Scientists Say: Supercontinent

    These gigantic landmasses form when much of Earth’s landmass smashes together.

  9. Earth

    Experiment: Can plants stop soil erosion?

    Soil erosion washes pollutants into streams and rivers — but plants may help limit that.