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  1. Physics

    Forests could help detect ‘ghost particles’ from space

    If trees could act as natural antennas, one physicist proposes that they just might pick up signals of hard-to-spot ultra-high energy neutrinos.

  2. Earth

    Many natural underground stores of freshwater are shrinking

    A lot of these aquifers are quickly disappearing due to climate change and overuse. Fortunately, there is growth in some of the world’s major aquifers.

  3. Plants

    Rampaging vines are slowly strangling tropical forests

    Called lianas,these vines are growing out of control. They may cause tropical forests to absorb less carbon dioxide — worsening climate change.

  4. Plants

    This urban gardener is mimicking nature to create healthier plants

    Urban garden specialist Kwesi Joseph is experimenting with rock dust and plants. He also helps New York City community and school gardens with gardening problems.

  5. Earth

    Explainer: Sprites, jets, ELVES and other storm-powered lights

    Fleeting glows collectively known as “transient luminous events” flash in the skies above powerful lightning storms.

  6. Environment

    Scientists Say: Carbon capture

    Carbon capture technology tackles climate change by stomping out carbon dioxide at the source.

  7. Health & Medicine

    Health problems persist in Flint 10 years after water poisoning

    Flint, Mich., residents still show health impacts long after a switch in their drinking-water source exposed them to toxic lead and other pollutants.

  8. Health & Medicine

    9 things to know about lead’s health risks — and how to curb them

    Lead has been linked to lower IQ, behavior problems, mental-health disorders, strokes and more health impacts. There are ways to reduce your exposure.

  9. Microbes

    Let’s learn about useful bacteria

    Bacteria do many useful jobs almost everywhere on Earth, from the soil to the seafloor to our stomachs.