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  1. Humans

    Common high-school textbooks promote unscientific views on gender

    Inaccurate descriptions of sex and gender may lead to sexism or prejudice toward people who don’t seem to represent gender norms.

  2. Health & Medicine

    How to help transgender and nonbinary teens bloom during puberty

    Gender-affirming medical care during puberty can help transgender and nonbinary teens end up with an adult body that matches their gender.

  3. Genetics

    A protein in sweat may protect people from Lyme disease

    That protein stopped the disease-causing bacterium from growing in lab dishes or infecting mice.

  4. Tech

    Bioelectronics research wins top award at 2024 Regeneron ISEF

    Three grand-award winners each took home at least $50,000. Hundreds more teens shared more than $9 million in prizes at the international competition.

  5. Brain

    Herbal medicine could help recovery after concussion

    A finalist at Regeneron ISEF found that a plant native to China could supplement a common pain reliever that comes with unwanted side effects.

  6. Physics

    The movie Frozen inspired the icy, 3-D printing of blood vessels

    Ice guides a 3-D printing method to make realistic, artificial blood vessels. One day, such vessels could be used in lab-grown organs.

  7. Physics

    Let’s learn about particles that help us peer inside objects

    Particles such as muons, X-rays and neutrons help scientists peer inside fossils, mummies, pyramids, volcanoes and the human body.

  8. Health & Medicine

    With measles outbreaks in 49 countries, should you worry?

    By March, the United States had more measles cases than in all of 2023. It was part of a global trend. The way to halt measles’ spread: vaccinations.

  9. Health & Medicine

    Too much noise can harm far more than our ears

    Sure, loud or unwanted sounds can damage hearing. But they also can disrupt learning, stress us out and more.