Technically Fiction

Finding facts in the fantastic

  1. Tech

    Where are the flying cars? 

    Flying cars are a common sci-fi trope, and engineers have the technology to make them. So where are they?

  2. Animals

    Phoenixes aren’t the only creatures to survive the flames 

    Although a phoenix that burns and lives is a myth, many living things on Earth don’t mind hot temperatures. 

  3. Planets

    The desert planet in ‘Dune’ is pretty realistic, scientists say

     Humans could live on the fictional planet Arrakis from Dune. But thankfully giant sandworms probably could not.

  4. Tech

    Could we build a mecha?

    In the movies, mechas come equipped with all kinds of abilities. But real giant robots would first have to master simpler actions, like walking and jumping.

  5. Animals

    Have you seen Bigfoot or the Loch Ness Monster? Probably not 

     Floe Foxon is a data scientist by day. In his free time, he applies his skills to astronomy, cryptology and sightings of mythical creatures.

  6. Animals

    Pikmin’s plant-animal mashups don’t exist — but sun-powered animals do

    Corals team up with photosynthetic zooxanthellae. Some sea slugs steal chloroplasts. How might animals and plants team up in Nintendo’s Pikmin games?

  7. Tech

    How to prevent the robot replication apocalypse

    Today’s bot-building robots aren’t set on world domination. But scientists and philosophers want to keep future tech in check.

  8. Animals

    Where does Godzilla get his atomic breath?

    Some secrets of the kaiju’s atomic breath can be explained with creative applications of physics and biology.

  9. Tech

    Could Star Trek replicators exist?

    Experts break down what’s possible and what’s not for this classic science-fiction invention.

  10. Oceans

    How would a mermaid sound underwater?

    Human ears don’t work well in the water. A mermaid would need marine creature features to talk to and understand her aquatic friends.

  11. Plants

    Could a plant ever eat a person?

    For now, humans aren’t on the menu for carnivorous plants. But what would it take for one to consume a person?

  12. Health & Medicine

    Humans might be able to hibernate during space travel

    Scientists are studying how animals hibernate and developing new technologies to help humans sleep through space travel.