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    See how hummingbirds sneak through small spaces

    Anna’s hummingbirds can use a couple of different techniques to get through gaps smaller than their wingspan.

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    Scientists Say: Compound Eye

    Compound eyes made up of many smaller visual structures may not produce crisp images, but they offer a great field of view.

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    Surprise! These animals can help fight climate change

    Some animals help fight climate change by boosting the amount of carbon dioxide that plants, algae and bacteria absorb from the atmosphere.

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    Herbal medicine could help recovery after concussion

    A finalist at Regeneron ISEF found that a plant native to China could supplement a common pain reliever that comes with unwanted side effects.

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    Elusive worm-lizards sport weird, spooky skulls

    CT scans of these mysterious creatures turned up bizarre internal features. They could offer clues about amphisbaenians’ largely unknown behavior.

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    Dancing spiders inspired this biologist to teach others

    Inspired by his research in animal communication, Echeverri began exploring ways to teach others about science while finishing his Ph.D. Today, he shares his passion for spiders as a science communicator.

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    This egg-laying amphibian feeds its babies ‘milk’

    Similar to mammals, this caecilian — an egg-laying amphibian — makes a nutrient-rich, milk-like fluid to feed its babies up to six times a day.

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    Among mammals, males aren’t usually bigger than females

    In a study of more than 400 mammal species, less than half have males that are heavier than females.

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    Let’s learn about animals’ bizarre sleep schedules

    From reindeer that snooze while chewing to penguins that take thousands of naps each day, the animal kingdom has some truly weird sleep patterns.