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    Corals may have been the first life forms to glow in the dark

    Ancestors of modern octocorals may have lit up the deep sea as far back as 540 million years ago.

  2. Animals

    Hibernating bumblebee queens can survive days of watery submersion

    Hibernating queen bumblebees survived accidental submersion, leading researchers to discover their surprising resilience to flooding.

  3. Animals

    Scientists Say: Endotherm and Ectotherm

    Endotherms use their own energy to maintain their internal temperature. Ectotherms use external heat sources to control their body temperature.

  4. Animals

    Belugas can warp and wiggle their forehead fat like Jell-O

    Molding and moving this ‘melon’ may help the whales communicate.

  5. Plants

    Flowers may electrically detect bees buzzing nearby

    The discovery may reveal how plants time nectar production and share information with neighboring blooms.

  6. Animals

    Phoenixes aren’t the only creatures to survive the flames 

    Although a phoenix that burns and lives is a myth, many living things on Earth don’t mind hot temperatures. 

  7. Planets

    The desert planet in ‘Dune’ is pretty realistic, scientists say

     Humans could live on the fictional planet Arrakis from Dune. But thankfully giant sandworms probably could not.

  8. Animals

    See how hummingbirds sneak through small spaces

    Anna’s hummingbirds can use a couple of different techniques to get through gaps smaller than their wingspan.

  9. Animals

    Scientists Say: Compound Eye

    Compound eyes made up of many smaller visual structures may not produce crisp images, but they offer a great field of view.