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    Which way is up? Insects may lose track near artificial lights

    Flying insects may use light to figure out where the sky is. But artificial lights can send them veering off course, high-speed video suggests.

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    Reindeer can chew food in their sleep

    Brain waves and behaviors suggest that reindeer can doze while chewing.

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    Spiders that fall into water use reflected light to find land

    When elongate stilt spiders fall into water, they head for areas that don’t reflect light, studies show. This cue appears to signal dry land.

  4. Ecosystems

    A weird upside-down world lurks beneath Antarctica’s ice

    A vast swath of ocean surrounds Antarctica, hidden under the ice. Here, strange creatures burrow into the dark underbelly of a floating glacier.

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    Let’s learn about birdwatching for beginners

    One birdwatcher unpacks the personal and scientific rewards of birding, and how to get started.

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    Have you seen Bigfoot or the Loch Ness Monster? Probably not 

     Floe Foxon is a data scientist by day. In his free time, he applies his skills to astronomy, cryptology and sightings of mythical creatures.

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    Swimming in schools lets fish save lots of energy

    Each tail flap uses less than half as much energy than swimming solo, making it easier for fish to catch their breath after an underwater sprint.

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    Paw-print DNA lets scientists track out-of-sight polar bears

    This environmental DNA can aid in conserving species that are hard or dangerous to observe.

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    A newfound type of hedgehog is small, dark and adorable

    At first, this hedgehog was mistaken for a lookalike relative. But its teeth, skull shape and DNA confirmed it as a new species.