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  1. Physics

    Scientists Say: Ultrasonic

    This word describes sound waves that have frequencies too high for human ears to hear.

  2. Physics

    Skipping stone physics could aid net-tangled whales and more

    The unexpected movement of buoys and spheres in water could lead to redesigns for fishing nets and ships.

  3. Animals

    Where does Godzilla get his atomic breath?

    Some secrets of the kaiju’s atomic breath can be explained with creative applications of physics and biology.

  4. Physics

    Scientists Say: Supercool

    When a liquid is supercooled, it has been chilled below its freezing point without freezing.

  5. Chemistry

    Creation of quantum dots wins 2023 chemistry Nobel

    The award honors three scientists who discovered and built quantum dots, which are now used in everything from TVs to medical tools.

  6. Physics

    ‘Feathering’ helps explain Gentoos’ record-breaking swim speed

    Videos and computer analyses reveal the secrets of the penguins’ superspeed. The results could inspire future underwater vehicles.

  7. Physics

    Efforts to create ultrafast light pulses win 2023 physics Nobel

    Pierre Agostini, Ferenc Krausz and Anne L’Huillier won the prize for creating light bursts that last billionths of a billionth of a second.

  8. Chemistry

    Scientists Say: Rare earth element

    Rare earth elements aren’t all that rare — but skyrocketing demand for these metals makes them precious.

  9. Physics

    Scientists Say: X-ray

    X-rays are a type of light that doctors use to image the inside of the body. Astronomers use X-rays to explore the cosmos.