More Stories in Physics

  1. Physics

    Aerodynamics involved in shooting hoops can make vehicles greener

    Some ships host tall spinning cylinders that act like sails. Roughing the cylinders’ surface will greatly boost fuel efficiency, teen scientists find.

  2. Materials Science

    A bit of electricity can glue hard metals to soft materials

    Using this method to stick and unstick metals from soft materials could one day create new types of batteries.

  3. Physics

    The movie Frozen inspired the icy, 3-D printing of blood vessels

    Ice guides a 3-D printing method to make realistic, artificial blood vessels. One day, such vessels could be used in lab-grown organs.

  4. Physics

    Let’s learn about particles that help us peer inside objects

    Particles such as muons, X-rays and neutrons help scientists peer inside fossils, mummies, pyramids, volcanoes and the human body.

  5. Physics

    Experiment: Make your own cents-able battery

    Make your own ‘voltaic pile’ with pennies and nickels, and find out how many coins will make the most electricity!

  6. Materials Science

    Scientists Say: Semiconductor

    Modern electronics, from cell phones to video games, work thanks to these conductor-insulator hybrids.

  7. Chemistry

    Turning jeans blue with sunlight might help the environment

    When dipped in indican and exposed to sunlight, yarn turns a deep blue. This process is more eco-friendly than the current denim dyeing method.

  8. Space

    Explainer: What is the solar cycle?

    Here’s what causes the sun’s 11-year cycle of activity and what it means for us on Earth.

  9. Physics

    Forests could help detect ‘ghost particles’ from space

    If trees could act as natural antennas, one physicist proposes that they just might pick up signals of hard-to-spot ultra-high energy neutrinos.