More Stories in Humans

  1. Physics

    The movie Frozen inspired the icy, 3-D printing of blood vessels

    Ice guides a 3-D printing method to make realistic, artificial blood vessels. One day, such vessels could be used in lab-grown organs.

  2. Chemistry

    Here’s why teens’ body odor can be especially strong

    The body odors of teens and younger kids share dozens of chemicals in common. But teens have some that infants and toddlers appear to lack.

  3. Artificial Intelligence

    Artificial intelligence is making it hard to tell truth from fiction

    Experts worry that by making it harder to tell what’s true, AI can threaten people’s reputations, health, fair elections and more.

  4. Physics

    Let’s learn about particles that help us peer inside objects

    Particles such as muons, X-rays and neutrons help scientists peer inside fossils, mummies, pyramids, volcanoes and the human body.

  5. Health & Medicine

    With measles outbreaks in 49 countries, should you worry?

    By March, the United States had more measles cases than in all of 2023. It was part of a global trend. The way to halt measles’ spread: vaccinations.

  6. Archaeology

    A tattoo experiment hints at how Ötzi the Iceman got his ink

    The findings challenge a common idea about how the mummified man got marked with dark lines.

  7. Health & Medicine

    Too much noise can harm far more than our ears

    Sure, loud or unwanted sounds can damage hearing. But they also can disrupt learning, stress us out and more.

  8. Humans

    Let’s learn about fingerprints

    Researchers are still making new discoveries about how our fingerprints form — and how to use them to solve crimes.

  9. Health & Medicine

    A new type of immune cell may cause lifelong allergies

    These special memory cells were present in people with allergies and absent in those without.