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    Here’s why AI like ChatGPT probably won’t reach humanlike understanding

    Unlike people, this type of artificial intelligence isn’t good at learning concepts that it can apply to new situations.

  2. Artificial Intelligence

    How to design artificial intelligence that acts nice — and only nice

    Today’s bots can’t turn against us, but they can cause harm. “AI safety” aims to train this tech so it will always be honest, harmless and helpful.

  3. Artificial Intelligence

    ‘Jailbreaks’ bring out the evil side of chatbots

    Researchers break chatbots in order to fix them. This so-called red-teaming is an important way to improve AI’s behavior.

  4. Artificial Intelligence

    A new tool could guard against deepfake voice scams

    Scammers can use AI to create deepfake mimics of people’s voices. AntiFake could make that type of trick much harder to pull off.

  5. Artificial Intelligence

    AI learned how to influence humans by watching a video game

    New research used the game Overcooked to show how AI can learn to collaborate with — or manipulate — us.

  6. Tech

    Artificial intelligence helped design a new type of battery

    Supercomputing and AI cut the early discovery steps from decades to just 80 hours. The process led to a new solid electrolyte.

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    To ‘green’ AI, scientists are making it less resource-hungry

    Energy demands of ChatGPT and similar AI tools can threaten Earth’s climate. So researchers have begun redesigning how to run data centers and build AI.

  8. Tech

    Talking through a tube can trick AI into mistaking one voice for another

    Researchers crafted tubes that can trick AI into mistaking one person’s voice for another’s. Bad guys could use such tricks to hack into accounts.

  9. Tech

    AI can now turn blurry thermal vision into crisp images

    Even when it’s pitch black, the new imaging system can create clear images while also accurately gauging distances to objects.