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    Explainer: What is the solar cycle?

    Here’s what causes the sun’s 11-year cycle of activity and what it means for us on Earth.

  2. Space

    Scientists Say: Corona

    The sun’s corona can only be seen without special instruments during a total solar eclipse.

  3. Earth

    Get ready for the 2024 total solar eclipse

    A total solar eclipse will race across North America on April 8, 2024, providing a rare opportunity for both scientists and casual observers.

  4. Space

    Let’s learn about meteorites

    Meteorites are bits of space rock that have crash-landed on Earth — or on another celestial body.

  5. Space

    Scientists Say: Solar Cycle

    This roughly 11-year cycle in the sun’s activity can affect space weather that messes with Earthly technology.

  6. Earth

    The weird sky glow called STEVE is really confusing scientists

    Researchers are trying to figure out the recipe of atmospheric conditions that creates this aurora-like light show.

  7. Space

    This space physicist uses radios to study eclipses

    Nathaniel Frissell uses radio data to study how eclipses affect a layer of the atmosphere called the ionosphere.

  8. Planets

    Huge polygons on Mars hint its equator may once have been frozen

    A Chinese rover used radar to reveal long-buried terrain. The discovery hints that Mars’ equator was once much colder and wetter.

  9. Planets

    Jupiter has a never-before-seen jet stream — and it’s speedy

    Spotted in images from the James Webb telescope, the high-altitude current may help untangle the workings of the giant planet’s atmosphere.