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  1. Math

    Geometry can shape our world in unexpected but useful ways

    This math, and the geometers who use it, can solve problems from how to stack oranges to designing better vaccines.

  2. Oceans

    Analyze This: Climate change may worsen the spread of ocean noise

    Some parts of the ocean may become five times as loud in the future.

  3. Space

    Let’s learn about meteorites

    Meteorites are bits of space rock that have crash-landed on Earth — or on another celestial body.

  4. Space

    Scientists Say: Solar Cycle

    This roughly 11-year cycle in the sun’s activity can affect space weather that messes with Earthly technology.

  5. Animals

    Pollen-seeking honeybees sometimes turn to theft

    Observations of honeybee pollen theft from bumblebees suggest it may be a crime of convenience, based on ease of access to the prized food.

  6. Animals

    Cats play fetch — but only when they feel like it 

    Most cats that play fetch pick up the behavior on their own, a study finds. And those felines tend to dictate when fetching sessions begin and end.

  7. Earth

    The weird sky glow called STEVE is really confusing scientists

    Researchers are trying to figure out the recipe of atmospheric conditions that creates this aurora-like light show.

  8. Physics

    Physics explains what happens when a lawn sprinkler sucks in water

    Experiments with a floating sprinkler revealed the surprisingly complex physics behind a simple question.

  9. Space

    This space physicist uses radios to study eclipses

    Nathaniel Frissell uses radio data to study how eclipses affect a layer of the atmosphere called the ionosphere.

  10. Animals

    Which way is up? Insects may lose track near artificial lights

    Flying insects may use light to figure out where the sky is. But artificial lights can send them veering off course, high-speed video suggests.

  11. Plants

    Scientists Say: Marcescence

    Autumn turns to winter, yet some trees' dead leaves keep hanging on.

  12. Animals

    Reindeer can chew food in their sleep

    Brain waves and behaviors suggest that reindeer can doze while chewing.