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  1. Tech

    Where are the flying cars? 

    Flying cars are a common sci-fi trope, and engineers have the technology to make them. So where are they?

  2. Materials Science

    Scientists Say: Superconductor

    At cold enough temperatures, these materials can conduct electricity with no resistance.

  3. Physics

    Forget moon walking, lunar visitors. Try horizontal running

    Researchers took over the Wall of Death, an amusement park attraction, to test out how astronauts might keep their strength up on the moon.

  4. Climate

    Microbes in the Arctic may be releasing more climate-warming gases

    Mini greenhouses in the wild show how the tiny organisms lurking underground in a ‘sleepy biome’ could play a big role in climate change.

  5. Fossils

    This paleontologist studies ancient mammal movement — virtually

    Anne Kort uses computers to piece together the fossils of ancient mammals. Studying fossils virtually offers her more ways to study fragile remains.

  6. Artificial Intelligence

    Soccer-playing robots show how nimble AI-powered machines can be

    Being controlled by reinforcement learning — a type of AI — helps robots navigate tough terrain. This could bring computer smarts to the real world.

  7. Space

    Scientists Say: Astronomical interferometry

    This technique links up many telescopes to see the universe in finer detail than any single telescope could alone.

  8. Physics

    Experiment: Measure the speed of light with a laser

    Grab a laser pointer and some Jell-O, because today we’re measuring the speed of light.

  9. Earth

    Analyze This: Where are U.S. earthquakes most likely?

    A model used data on historical quakes and measurements from active faults to forecast risks of damaging earthquakes in the next 100 years.

  10. Health & Medicine

    This spice could be the basis of a smart, infection-fighting bandage

    Infused with yellow turmeric, the bandage turns red to highlight the pH of an infection. A teen showed that at the 2024 Regeneron ISEF competition.

  11. Animals

    Tiny treadmills reveal how fruit flies sprint

    Forcing fruit flies to move shows how the insects coordinate their steps. This holds clues to other animals’ brains and movement.

  12. Tech

    Holey basketballs! 3-D printing could be a game-changer

    Wilson’s 3-D printed “airless” basketball is nearly silent and will never deflate, but will it prove a slam dunk for players and fans?