More Stories in Climate

  1. Plants

    Gene editing may help rice better withstand climate change

    Three genes may limit the ability of rice to handle dry or salty conditions. A Regeneron ISEF finalist shows that CRISPR could target and change them.

  2. Health & Medicine

    New tool maps where U.S. heat can pose threats to your health

    The daily updated HeatRisk maps use color coding to show where the health threat from heat is highest. The website also offers tips for staying safe.

  3. Oceans

    The seas’ record-breaking hot streak may bring unwelcome changes

    Off-the-charts warming could fire up more hurricanes, intensify coral bleaching and accelerate the melting of Antarctic sea ice.

  4. Animals

    Surprise! These animals can help fight climate change

    Some animals help fight climate change by boosting the amount of carbon dioxide that plants, algae and bacteria absorb from the atmosphere.

  5. Earth

    Many natural underground stores of freshwater are shrinking

    A lot of these aquifers are quickly disappearing due to climate change and overuse. Fortunately, there is growth in some of the world’s major aquifers.

  6. Plants

    Rampaging vines are slowly strangling tropical forests

    Called lianas,these vines are growing out of control. They may cause tropical forests to absorb less carbon dioxide — worsening climate change.

  7. Environment

    Scientists Say: Carbon capture

    Carbon capture technology tackles climate change by stomping out carbon dioxide at the source.

  8. Science & Society

    Scientists Say: Model

    Models are representations of real-life systems or processes that we use to ask questions, make predictions and test our knowledge.

  9. Artificial Intelligence

    To ‘green’ AI, scientists are making it less resource-hungry

    Energy demands of ChatGPT and similar AI tools can threaten Earth’s climate. So researchers have begun redesigning how to run data centers and build AI.