Cassie Martin

Associate Editor, Science News

Cassie Martin is the associate editor at Science News. When she’s not reporting stories about coral reefs, dog genetics or astronaut poop, she edits the magazine’s Letters to the Editor section, fact-checks the news and works on the Science News in High Schools program. Cassie has a bachelor's degree in molecular genetics from Michigan State University, and a master's degree in science journalism from Boston University. Prior to Science News, she wrote for MIT, Harvard and elsewhere.

All Stories by Cassie Martin

  1. Animals

    A common antibiotic might save some sick corals

    The antibiotic amoxicillin stopped tissue death in corals for at least 11 months after treatment.

  2. Animals

    Mystery disease is killing Caribbean corals

    Scientists are racing to pin down a new coral disease that’s “annihilating” whole species from Caribbean reefs.

  3. Life

    A ‘ghost’ gene leaves sea mammals vulnerable to some toxic chemicals

    Manatees, dolphins and other warm-blooded marine animals can't break down some common pesticides. The newfound reason: Long ago, their genes lost the ability to do so.

  4. Health & Medicine

    Bones have stealth role in muscle, appetite and health

    Surprise! Bones release hormones that carry on long-distance chats with the brain and other organs. Studies in mice show these conversations can affect appetite, how the brain uses energy and more.

  5. Chemistry

    Gasp! At the movies, your breaths reveal your emotions

    Researchers took air samples as they screened movies. What people exhaled were linked to film scenes’ emotional tone, they found.