Elizabeth Preston

Elizabeth Preston is a freelance science writer and editor. Her blog, Inkfish, is published by Discover. Her writing has also appeared in publications such as the Atlantic, Wired, Nautilus, and the Boston Globe, as well as in PBS Digital Studios' "Gross Science" videos. She especially loves biology, but has covered everything from telescopes and vomit to poetry-writing computers.
Elizabeth studied biology and English at Williams College. She spent several years in Chicago working as the editor of the children's science magazine Muse, whose fanatical readers often threatened her with a pie in the face. Now she enjoys living in Boston and has mostly stopped checking over her shoulder for pastries.

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  1. Health & Medicine

    Cool Jobs: Researchers on the run

    Researchers are taking running to extremes, from Olympic lizards to treadmills in space. The goal is to learn how athletes of all kinds can stay healthier.

  2. Health & Medicine

    Injected nanoparticles treat internal wounds

    Soldiers wounded in a bombing could be treated with a shot of specially designed nanoparticles that stop bleeding and inflammation in the lungs.

  3. Health & Medicine

    Movies may tempt teens to drink

    British 15-year-olds were more likely to binge-drink or have alcohol-related problems if they watched movies with plenty of onscreen drinking.

  4. Microbes

    New virus may have given kids polio-like symptoms

    More than 100 U.S. children developed a paralyzing illness in 2014. Genetic evidence now suggests that the most likely culprit is a new form of a virus in the polio family.