Eric Jaffe

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  1. Animals

    How to silence a cricket

    A killer fly stalks noise-making crickets in Hawaii.

  2. Humans

    Oldest Writing in the New World

    Signs carved into a stone slab may represent the earliest known writing in the Americas.

  3. Planets

    A Puffy Planetary Puzzle

    Astronomers spot an unusual object orbiting a nearby star.

  4. Fossils

    A Rainforest Trapped in Amber

    Tiny fossils show that rainforests existed in the western Amazon millions of years ago.

  5. Space

    Dark collision

    Observations of a tremendous galactic crash point to invisible stuff called dark matter.

  6. Space

    Banana Split in Space

    Astronomers have spotted an odd pair of banana-shaped features in a planet-forming cloud around a nearby star.

  7. Animals

    Spotting the World’s Leggiest Animal

    Researchers have rediscovered and studied a millipede with as many as 750 legs.