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  1. Brain

    Surprise! Exam scores benefit from months of regular sleep

    Getting enough consistent, quality sleep accounted for nearly a fourth of the differences in students’ exam scores in class.

  2. Physics

    Like Magneto? Microcrystals give magnets superpower over living cells

    New iron-rich protein crystals could help researchers better understand the nerve cells that control movement and sensation. All they need are magnets.

  3. Health & Medicine

    How a year in space affected Scott Kelly’s health

    Nearly a year in space changed Scott Kelly’s genes, brain function and more, NASA’s Twin Study shows.

  4. Health & Medicine

    Why sleeping in on the weekend won’t work

    A new study found that using weekends to catch up on missed sleep won’t erase health risks due to lost weekday sleep. It may even worsen things.

  5. Animals

    Spiders’ weird meals show how topsy-turvy Amazon food webs can be

    Rare sightings of invertebrates eating small vertebrates upend some assumptions about who eats who in the Amazon rainforest’s complex ecosystem.

  6. Animals

    The world’s largest bee was lost, but now it’s found

    Wallace’s giant bee hadn’t been spotted in the wild in almost 40 years. Now, scientists have found it again.

  7. Chemistry

    Smartphone app helps researchers track art ‘acne’

    Metal soaps can form damaging blisters on the surface of oil paintings. Scientists are tracking these “breakouts” to protect priceless art.

  8. Fossils

    Mini tyrannosaur fills big evolutionary gap

    A newfound dinosaur named “omen of doom” fills a gap in tyrannosaur evolution. It helps to narrow when the group sized up.

  9. Climate

    Wet and wild 2018 is officially fourth-hottest year

    Record rains and heat ravaged different parts of the world in 2018.

  10. Animals

    A Bolivian frog species returns from the dead

    A Bolivian frog was missing in the wild for 10 years. Scientists feared chytrid fungus had driven the frog extinct. Then they found 5 survivors.