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  1. Animals

    Scientists still aren’t always sure why dogs wag their tails

    Your dog is wagging its tail. That must mean it’s happy, right? Maybe not. Scientists know less about what’s behind this behavior than you might think.

  2. Materials Science

    Made from fungi, this vegan leather can self-heal holes or rips

    If made under gentle conditions, leather formed from the “roots” of mushrooms can retain the ability to regrow and repair minor damage.

  3. Animals

    Sea sponges spew slow-motion snot rockets to clear out their pores

    Sea sponges rely on a sneezing technique to clear their pores. The mucus flushes out debris — and provides a snack for other marine life.

  4. Plants

    More than 9,000 tree species may be waiting to be discovered

    Scientists estimated how many tree species are on Earth, an important step for forest conservation and protecting biodiversity.