Kate Ramsayer

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  1. Space

    Capturing the Stuff of Space

    A spacecraft brings comet grains and stardust back to Earth.

  2. Animals

    Polly shouldn’t get a cracker

    When female kakapo parrots go on a diet, they produce fewer male chicks.

  3. Humans

    Early Maya writing

    Archaeologists have found the earliest known example of Maya writing.

  4. Physics

    Earth’s lowly rumble

    From rumbling volcanoes to grumbling elephants, scientists are eavesdropping on the lowest sounds on Earth.

  5. Planets

    Chaos Among the Planets

    The screwball travels of four giant planets may have reshaped the early solar system.

  6. Brain

    Making sense of scents

    Different smells light up different parts of the brain.

  7. Environment

    Cleaning up fish farms

    Although fish farms can supply lots of food, these operations may also cause pollution and hurt wild populations.

  8. Archaeology

    Untangling human origins

    New fossil clues point to the earliest known human ancestor.

  9. Animals

    Fishy Sounds

    Baby fish may home in on reef noise to find a place to live.

  10. Animals

    News Detective: Meeting an owl

  11. Environment

    Spotty survival

    The northern spotted owl faces unpredictable threats and an uncertain future.

  12. Earth

    A volcano wakes up

    Earthquakes, small eruptions, and a new lava dome unsettle Mount St. Helens.