Lindsey Konkel Neabore

Freelance Writer

Lindsey Konkel Neabore likes to write stories about the environment and health for Science News for Students. She has degrees in biology and journalism. She has three cats, Misty, Trumpet and Charlotte, and one dog, Lucky.

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  1. Chemistry

    ‘Thirdhand’ smoke can hitchhike to non-smoking sites

    Harmful “thirdhand” smoke — the type that attaches to surfaces — can hitch a ride on airborne particles or clothes and travel into non-smoking buildings.

  2. Health & Medicine

    Teens with eating disorders can find themselves bullied

    In some kids, unhealthy eating behaviors may heighten their risk of being bullied and developing depression.

  3. Environment

    Restaurant diners may ingest extra pollutants

    People who dine out have higher levels of certain potentially harmful pollutants in their bodies than do people who eat home-cooked meals, new data show.

  4. Chemistry

    Banana plant extract can slow how fast ice cream melts

    Food scientists now show that adding these tiny plant particles to ice cream may delay the rate at which this treat melts into a soupy mess.

  5. Environment

    Dirty air can harm your brain and stress the body

    New research shows that polluted air can mess with the bodies — including the brains — of even healthy kids and teens.

  6. Health & Medicine

    E-cigarettes don’t need nicotine to be toxic

    E-cigarettes without nicotine can still be toxic. New studies find the flavorings in e-cigarettes can harm cells of the human immune system.

  7. Environment

    Touching receipts can lead to lengthy pollutant exposures

    The chemical BPA, which coats some cash-register receipts, may linger in the body for far longer than if someone had ingested it.

  8. Earth

    Cool Jobs: Unearthing the secrets of soil

    In ordinary soil, scientists can find clues to past civilizations, evidence to catch criminals and bacteria that might help fight global warming.

  9. Chemistry

    Why are cicadas such clumsy fliers?

    Chemical clues in the cicada’s wing may help explain why the bulky insect is a lousy flier.

  10. Chemistry

    Why onions make us cry

    Researchers add another piece to the molecular puzzle biochemists have tried to solve for decades — why onions can make our eyes tear up.

  11. Health & Medicine

    Vape tricks could increase health risks, experts warn

    Many teen e-cigarette users try vape tricks, a new study shows. Researchers worry the tricks could boost the health risks of vaping.

  12. Health & Medicine

    Explainer: What is a vaccine?

    Vaccines give the body’s natural defense system a boost against infectious disease.