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  1. Health & Medicine

    When physicians and veterinarians team up, all species benefit

    When doctors for people and those for animals share their expertise, they can discover new ways to take better medical care of all species.

  2. Health & Medicine

    Cool Jobs: Linking animal health to human health

    Scientists who watch out for diseases in wild animals also can play a role in keeping people from getting sick.

  3. Animals

    Using dolphins to find unknown ocean pollutants

    Long-lasting pollutants may threaten marine mammals and human health. To find those pollutants, scientists are sampling blubber, then running the fatty material through new types of tests.

  4. Animals

    Seals: Catching a ‘corkscrew’ killer

    Spiral wounds on dead seals led experts to blame boat propellers. But cameras exposed another source: One seal species was killing another.

  5. Animals

    Faking out whales

    A false “dinner bell” can safely distract hungry whales from stealing fish from commercial fishing lines, new research shows.