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  1. Physics

    Explainer: Rainbows, fogbows and their eerie cousins

    Light shining through a water droplet can make more than just a rainbow. A range of other colorful arcs also can develop.

  2. Physics

    How to temporarily ‘fossilize’ a soap bubble

    Here’s how to freeze a soap bubble in midair. Warning: The environment needs to be frosty, and even then it can take a certain amount of trial and error.

  3. Space

    Explainer: Understanding meteors and meteor showers

    Meteors regularly enter Earth’s atmosphere. Most ‘shooting stars’ pose few risks to life on the ground, but the rare big ones can be lethal.

  4. Climate

    Explainer: Why some clouds glow in the dark

    A surprise space rock lit up the night sky over California — and left behind a rare type of cloud. Such glowing beauties may become more common with climate change.

  5. Earth

    Holiday fireworks can bring extreme pollution, India finds

    Fireworks bring sparkle and zing to a celebration, but they also can have a dark side — unhealthy levels of air pollution.

  6. Climate

    The many faces of snowstorms

    There are many different types of winter storms. How do they work?

  7. Climate

    Explainer: The making of a snowflake

    Have you ever wondered how a snowflake gets its shape?

  8. Climate

    Supercell: It’s the king of thunderstorms

    Not every thunderstorm has the potential to give birth to a tornado. It usually takes this special type.

  9. Climate

    Distant volcano could turn latest lunar eclipse dark red

    The recent eruption of Anak Krakatau, an Indonesian volcano, could alter the color of this coming weekend’s lunar eclipse.

  10. Science & Society

    Catch a ‘shooting star’ this month — and most others

    The Geminid meteor shower is underway. Here’s how you can enjoy this amazing show in the night sky.

  11. Climate

    California’s Carr Fire spawned a true fire tornado

    On July 23, an innocuous spark grew into California’s deadly Carr Fire. Three days later, it unleashed a lethal fire tornado.

  12. Climate

    Eastern Pacific records its most energetic hurricane season

    The eastern Pacific Ocean has been cranking out storms. Now it’s reached its most active season on record.