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  1. Chemistry

    Chemistry’s ever-useful periodic table celebrates a big birthday

    2019 is the International Year of the Periodic Table. But the traditional chart is just one of many shapes that chemists and other scientists have developed to organize the elements.

  2. Health & Medicine

    Blood does a body good

    Studies of the superfluid aid in the prevention and treatment of diseases.

  3. Climate

    Catching some rays

    In a world with increasing energy needs, scientists are turning to plants for help in using solar power.

  4. Chemistry

    Gold’s Glittery Rewards

    Gold has properties that make it valuable not only for jewelry but also for electronics and other uses.

  5. Tech

    Picture the Smell

    To pinpoint smells, an electronic nose turns scents into colorful data.

  6. Tech

    Dancing with Robots

    Ingenuity and creativity highlight a contest in which student-built robots play soccer, dance, or go on a rescue mission.

  7. Animals

    Echoes of hunting

    Bats use high-pitched sounds to zero in on prey, converting what they hear into how they fly.

  8. Tech

    Fog Buster

    A special coating can prevent misty windows and reduce screen glare.

  9. Tech

    Roboroach and company

    Cockroaches and lobsters inspire robots that navigate in darkness and track smells.

  10. Health & Medicine

    The color of health

    Colorful fruits and vegetables pack a powerful, healthful punch.