Sofia Quaglia

Freelance Writer

Sofia Quaglia is a freelance science journalist. She loves telling exciting stories about the environment and the plants and creatures we share the planet with. She also writes articles about what’s happening inside people’s bodies and brains, and how technology can help scientists learn more about that. Her work regularly appears in publications like The Guardian, Popular Science, National Geographic and the BBC. Her favorite animals are frogs, and her favorite flowers are daisies. She loves to play volleyball. She is Italian, but she has been traveling the world and living in a different country every month. 

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  1. Plants

    Some redwood leaves make food while others drink water

    The two types of leaves grow at different heights in trees at dry versus wet areas. They may help redwoods adapt to climate change.

  2. Fossils

    One of the earliest meat-eating mammals was saber-toothed

    Millions of years before the evolution of saber-toothed cats, a newly discovered "hypercarnivore" prowled the forests of what is now San Diego.