Are Propellers Fin-ished? Additional Information

Recommended Web sites:

Lock, Carrie. 2004. Ocean envy. Science News 166(Sept. 4):154-156. Available at

To find out more about penguins, go to (Thomas De Schampheleire).

You can learn more about the towing tank at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology where researchers have been testing their flapping foil vehicle at (Massachusetts Institute of Technology).

Additional information about Nekton Research’s PilotFish is available at (George Washington University).

You can learn more about humpback whales at (Museum of Texas Tech University) and (American Cetacean Society).

Information on research mimicking humpback whale flippers can be found at University).

Hobie Cat’s pedal kayaks are featured at Cat).

Books recommended by SearchIt!Science:

Boat — Eric Kentley

Published by Random House, 1992.

It may have all started when someone noticed that a log floats on top of water. From then on, humans took to the water in boats of all shapes and sizes. This Eyewitness Book uses brilliant close-up photographs and illustrations to explore boats and ships, from the simple bark canoe to the luxury ocean liner. How boats and ships maneuver through the water, what life aboard a boat is like, and the role that seagoing vessels have played in various cultures are some of the topics covered.

Penguins! — Wayne Lynch

Published by Firefly Books, 1999.

There are 17 different kinds of penguins. Learn all about these “feathered fish.” Discover where they live, how they move, what they eat, and how they reproduce. Also learn who their predators are and how their young go out on their own. The book features many photos and a map labeled with the different penguins and where they can be located.

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Power Words

flipper A wide, flat limb that is used for swimming. Flippers are found on water animals such as whales, seals, and sea turtles.

fin One of the thin, flat parts that stick out from the body of fish and some other water animals, such as dolphins and whales. Fins are used for steering, moving forward, and balancing in water.

propeller A device that turns to cause an aircraft or a boat to move. A propeller is made of twisted blades mounted on a long shaft. When the shaft is spun by a motor, the blades push the surrounding water or air in a backward direction, and the aircraft or boat moves forward.

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