How a Gecko Defies Gravity Additional Information

Recommended Web sites:

McDonagh, Sorcha. 2003. Sticking around with gecko tape. Science News for Kids (June 11). Available at

Kellar Autumn and his colleagues have information about their gecko discoveries at (Lewis & Clark College).

You can learn more about the Tokay gecko at$narrative.html

(University of Michigan Museum of Zoology) and (Reptile

Sticky Fingers (with sound files) Quirks & Quarks, CBC Radio

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Power Words

adhesive A substance, such as glue, that makes things stick together.

static electricity 1. Electric charge that piles up on an object instead of flowing through it as current. Static electricity forms when two objects that are not good conductors of electricity are rubbed together, so that electrons from one of the objects rub off onto the other. Combing the hair or taking off a sweater can create static electricity. 2. A brief flow of electricity, in the form of a spark, that takes place after

static electricity has built up in a place and there is a path for the electricity to follow.

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