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Recommended Web sites:

Additional information about moose can be found at www.mooseworld.com(Mooseworld.com), www.adfg.state.ak.us/pubs/notebook/biggame/moose.php (Alaska Department of Fish & Game), animaldiversity.ummz.umich.edu/site/accounts/information/Alces_alces.html

(University of Michigan Museum of Zoology), and www.nhptv.org/natureworks/moose.htm (New Hampshire Public Television).To learn more about the wolves and moose of Isle Royale, go to www.isleroyalewolf.org(Michigan Technological University).

Information about the decline in moose populations in Minnesota is available at www.fws.gov/midwest/agassiz/moose.html (U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service).

You can find out about moose tracking at wildlife.state.co.us/Education/StudentActivities/MooseTrack.htm (Colorado Division of Wildlife).

Sohn, Emily. 2004. Ganging up to grab more food. Science News for Kids (March 31). Available at http://www.sciencenewsforkids.org/articles/20040331/Note3.asp.

Books recommended by SearchIt!Science:

[book] North American Moose— Lesley A. DuTemple

Published by Carolrhoda Books/Lerner Publishing, 2001.

In the summer, North America’s great northern woods are generally peaceful and quiet, with tall evergreens and rolling mountains. When autumn comes around, the peace is broken: The woods echo “with the sound of snorting,” the “ground shakes as massive hooves paw the earth,” and “the very air crackles as enormous antlers clash.” What’s going on? The moose have arrived. This book about “the biggest deer in the world” explores the moose’s habitat, life cycle, antlers, and predators. It also describes the work that scientists do at Isle Royal, Michigan, a living laboratory for moose observation.

[book] Northern Refuge: A Story of a Canadian Boreal Forest— Audrey Fraggalosch

Published by Soundprints, 1999.

The boreal forest is the largest forest region in North America, extending across northern Canada and into Alaska. Its ponds and lakes are home to many kinds of wildlife. This story takes you to this beautiful region and follows a moose cow and her newborn calf as they roam the woods and swamplike areas called muskeg.

[book] A Moose for Jessica— Pat A. Wakefield

Published by Dutton Children’s Books/Penguin Putnam, 1987.

One morning in 1986, a moose walked out of a Vermont woods and came face-to-face with a Hereford cow named Jessica. It was love at first sight. The moose came back to visit Jessica daily for the next 76 days. Larry Carrara, the farmer who watched the daily visits, tells this unusual story with full-color pictures. The moose had a daily routine of drinking from an underground spring and rubbing its antlers on low brush or scrub. And then one morning, the moose appeared with only one antler. This was the last visit the moose would make to the farm and to Jessica.

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