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For history and other information about zoos, see (Wikipedia).

To learn more about the Denver Zoo’s Predator Ridge exhibit, visit

Read about the Minnesota Zoo and its soon-to-open exhibit on Russia’s Grizzly Coast at

To find out more about the San Francisco Zoo, go to

Sohn, Emily. 2004. An inspiring home for apes. Science News for Kids (July 14). Available at

______. 2004. Missing tigers in India. Science News for Kids (Feb. 25). Available at

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Power Words

conservation The protection and management of Earth’s natural resources, such as forests, mineral deposits, and water, and of the wildlife that depends on them.

exotic Things or experiences that are foreign, alien, or different.

habitat the area or natural environment in which an animal or plant normally lives, such as a desert, coral reef, or freshwater lake. A habitat can often be home to many different organisms.

predator An animal that lives by capturing and eating other animals.

primate Any of various mammals having a highly developed brain, eyes facing forward, a shortened nose and muzzle, and opposable thumbs. Primates usually live in groups with complex social systems. Lemurs, monkey, apes, and humans are all primates.

taxonomy The scientific classification of organisms into specially named groups based on shared characteristics and natural relationships.

terrain Land or a geographic area, often described by their features, such as hills, perhaps a desert, or woods.

zoologists Scientists who study animals.

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