Question Sheet: Chocolate Rules


Before reading:

  1. Where does chocolate come from? 
  2. What qualities are important in a good chocolate bar?

During reading:

  1. Why is the combination of nuts and chocolate a problem for food scientists? 
  2. How is chocolate made? See 
  3. What’s the difference between milk, white, and dark chocolate? 
  4. What’s one strategy that manufacturers can use to keep nut oil from getting into chocolate? 
  5. Describe three ways in which scientists are trying to improve the taste or texture of chocolate. 
  6. What are flavonoids, and what do they do? For additional information about flavonoids, see (

After reading:

  1. Why do you think many people enjoy the taste of nuts and chocolate together? 
  2. What types of scientists are needed in the chocolate industry? 
  3. Do different nuts affect chocolate differently? Design an experiment to answer this question. 
  4. Some people don’t like chocolate; others love it. Why do you think people react differently to chocolate and other foods? 
  5. What other foods besides chocolate can give you a “melt-in-your-mouth” sensation? 
  6. Check the list of ingredients on the wrapper of your favorite chocolate bar. Find out as much as you can about each of the ingredients, including what it’s for. You can learn more about food labels and ingredients at (University of California, Davis) and (MrK.).


  1. The cacao tree is a native of Central and South America. Who were the first people to use cacao beans for making a drink? Who was the first European to come in contact with cocoa beans? In what countries of the world do cacao trees grow now? See 
  2. Switzerland is very famous for its chocolate. Given the history of chocolate, how do you think chocolate got to Switzerland? Why did Switzerland become a major center for making chocolate? See (Exploratorium).


  1. Make up three rhyming valentines that include facts about chocolate. 
  2. Name four books in which chocolate plays an important role. For some examples, see

    (Theatre Bristol) or (42eXplore). Pick one book and write a paragraph describing the role played by chocolate in that book.


The Funky Fudge Shop makes delicious chocolate fudge. In 3 days, the shop uses 15 kilograms of dark chocolate, 30 kilograms of sugar, and 21 kilograms of butter. How many kilograms of each ingredient would the shop need to order for a 4-week supply?