Question Sheet: Island of Hope


Before reading:

  1. What is Fiji?
  2. What words do you think of when you hear the word Fiji?
  3. What is the definition of an island?

During reading:

  1. Which island is this story about?
  2. During what time of year did the author visit this island?
  3. What does CORAL stand for? What does it do?
  4. What is a marine reserve? How is it similar to Yellowstone National Park?
  5. What kind of shark does the author see when she’s scuba diving?
  6. What happened that made it harder for the villagers to catch big fish around

    the coral reef?

After Reading

  1. What are the scientists working to conserve? Why is conservation also good for the visitors?
  2. What is one way to tell that the coral reef is thriving again?
  3. After reading the story, what words do you think of when you hear the word



  1. Where is the largest coral reef in the world? Does this reef and the fish

    that rely on it face any threats? Is anyone trying to help it?

  2. Describe the way people live in the Kubalau district? What do they eat? What

    do the children learn? Are there any other places in the world where people live

    similar lifestyles?