Question Sheet: Video Game Violence


Before reading:

  1. What video games (if any) do you play? Why do you like them (or not play any


  2. Take a poll in your class. Do most of your classmates believe that violent

    video games cause kids to act violently? Do you agree with the class? Why or why


During reading:

  1. Are Matteo, Dylan, and Akemi in agreement? How do they feel about violent

    video games? 

  2. What were the results of the University of Michigan study of TV watching? 
  3. Why do some psychologists consider violent video games to be more dangerous

    than violent TV programs? 

  4. What experiment did Bushman do to try to uncover the effects of violent

    video games? Describe his study in your own words. 

  5. How does brain activity differ depending on whether someone is playing a

    violent or nonviolent game? 

  6. Vincent Matthews says that kids “may be more impulsive after they play these

    games.” What does he mean? 

  7. To what other dangers does Bushman compare violent video games?

After reading:

  1. Compare the experience of playing a video game to watching television. How

    are the two experiences different? 

  2. Does this article persuade you that violent video games can lead to violent

    behavior? Why or why not? 

  3. Design you own experiment to test the effect of violent video games on kids.

    What would your hypothesis be? What would your variable be? What would your

    control be? 

  4. Why might some people not become more violent after playing a violent video


  5. How is doing a psychological study (a study involving people) different from

    a study that involves plants or animals? What additional things do scientists

    have to consider? 

  6. Why do you think the video game business continues to create violent games?


Some video games are based on battles, wars, or other events in history. How important is it for such a game to be historically accurate?


  1. Select a video game that you play or know about. Write a short review of the

    game. Briefly describe the game and its main goals. Include information on who

    might enjoy the game and for what ages it is suitable. 

  2. Write a plot for a video game that is nonviolent but would still be fun and



In 2006, people in the United States spent $12.5 billion on video games (software, hardware, and accessories). Hardware sales totaled $4.6 billion; software sales totaled $6.5 billion. How much was spent on accessories? What percentage of the total did accessory sales represent? If total sales were up 19 percent over 2005, what was the value of video game products sold in 2005?