Question Sheet: Where Have All the Bees Gone?


Before reading:

  1. How do bee colonies function? Draw a picture of a bee colony and label the


  2. Should people be concerned that bees are disappearing? Why or why not?

During reading:

  1. Describe colony collapse disorder. 
  2. Why are people concerned about the disappearance of bees? 
  3. What signs indicate that the bees are sick? 
  4. Why do scientists believe there might be something repellent in the bee


  5. How does genetic diversity affect a bee colony?

After reading:

  1. Do you think the bee disappearance is natural, or are people somehow to

    blame? Could both be true? Explain your reasoning. 

  2. How do you think people will be affected by the loss of so many bees? 
  3. What is a parasite? How might a parasite damage a bee’s digestion? 
  4. Why would an entomologist (insect scientist) be interested in colony

    collapse disorder? What does an entomologist do? 

  5. If you were going to study colony collapse disorder, what possible causes

    would you investigate? Why?


How do people who grow crops use bees?


  1. Imagine that you are old and you live in a world without bees. Tell your

    imaginary grandchildren about your memories of bees. 

  2. Insecticides can cause serious damage to the ecosystem and the world.

    Research the story of the insecticide (or pesticide) DDT, and identify at least

    three kinds of animals that DDT harmed. 

  3. One-fourth of some bee populations have been lost to colony collapse

    disorder. Imagine that one-fourth of another kind of animal disappeared

    mysteriously. Choose an animal, and write a short essay about what problems that

    would cause.