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You can learn more about the Boston Marathon at (Boston Athletic Association) and about the New York City Marathon at (New York Road Runners Club).

Running for Kids (Runner’s World)

Kids Running

Boston Athletic Association

Books recommended by SearchIt!Science:

Sportsworks: More Than Fifty Fun Games and Activities With Which to Explore the Science of Sports — Ontario Science Centre Staff

Published by Addison-Wesley Publishing Co., 1989.

How can you defy gravity? How can you tell whether someone is walking or running, just by looking at the footprints? How can you find the “sweet spot” on a baseball bat? These are just some of the questions explored in this fun-filled look at the science behind sports. What is the best way to warm up your muscles? What food is best to eat before exercising? Discover unusual sports, such as underwater hockey! Packed with activities, experiments, and humorous black-and-white illustrations, this book also includes a general index and an index of the experiments.

Science and Sports — Robert Gardner

Published by Franklin Watts/Scholastic, 1988.

Why does a pitched ball curve? How does a karate expert smash a board using only one foot? The answers lie in the laws of science and mathematics. Using black-and-white photographs and diagrams, this book explains the ways an athlete uses speed, gravity, force, motion, and food and energy to reach peak performance.

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Power Words

force Something that causes an object to move, change its shape, or change its speed or direction if it is moving. One force can be canceled by another.

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