Smart Windows

Recommended Web sites:

Information on how smart windows work can be found at Stuff Works).

You can learn more about energy-efficient windows at Efficient Windows Collaboration).

To learn more about research on windows, go to (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory).

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Books recommended by SearchIt!Science:

The Visual Dictionary of Buildings

Published by Dorling Kindersley, 1992.

From the ancient temples of Egypt and Greece to the ultra-modern shopping malls and skyscrapers of today, buildings all have their special character and beauty. This book takes you inside, over, and underneath buildings of all shapes and sizes, from different cultures and eras. Oversize pages contain labeled color photographs that show the building’s architectural structures and decorative details. Cross-section and cutaway photographs reveal the ways that walls, roofs, and windows are constructed. Color diagrams and drawings offer even more detail.

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Power Words

glass A hard substance that lets light through and breaks easily. Glass is made by melting sand with lime or sodium carbonate.


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