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To learn more about David Crystal and language development via the Internet, see (University of Wales, Bangor).

You can learn how instant messaging works at (How Stuff Works).

Information about the Guardian text poetry contest can be found at

Sohn, Emily. 2003. It’s a small e-mail world after all. Science News for Kids (Aug. 20).

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Books recommended by SearchIt!Science:

Communicating on the Internet — Art Wolinsky

Published by Enslow Publishers, 1999.

What does spam have to do with the Internet? How can newsgroups and web conferencing help you with your work for school? Online communication is expanding rapidly, with e-mail and other online services such as web chats and mailing lists. Art Wolinsky navigates you through this complicated world and gives you advice on how to communicate effectively using your computer. With chapters such as “Netiquette,” “Two Alternatives to a Clogged Mailbox,” and “Chats-Organized Chaos,” Wolinsky offers safety tips and accurate information with humor.

Internet: Electronic Global Village — David Jefferis

Published by Crabtree Publishing, 2002.

Discover how the electronic dawn of the Internet will affect our future. Question-and-answer boxes and numerous colorful photographs pepper the book’s double-page spreads, which explore topics ranging from web browsers to computer security. The prospects of new technologies such as e-fridges, future weaponry, and digital cameras are touched upon in this wide-ranging discussion of what a wired world might be like.

Student’s Guide to the Internet (A) — Elizabeth L. Marshall

Published by Twenty-First Century Books/Millbrook Press, 2001.

Discover the wonderful and exciting ways that people and computers can communicate with each other and exchange information. The World Wide Web and the Internet have become an important way for people all over the world to communicate with each other. Learn about e-mail, searches, mail lists, discussion groups, and more! Get tips for using the Internet to find quality sources for research papers. Explore ideas for Internet safety and Internet etiquette.

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Power Words

e-mail 1. A system of sending and getting messages and documents over a computer network. 2. A message or document that is sent by using this system.

Internet The network that connects computers around the world. People all over the world are able to send and receive information over the Internet because of a special set of rules that control the way the information travels.

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