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You can learn more about the Nobel Prize at nobelprize.org/. Photos of the 2004 festivities can be seen at nobelprize.org/nobel/events/photos/2004.html (Nobel Foundation).

Information about the 2004 Stockholm International Youth Science Seminar is available at www.fuf.org/siyss/ (Stockholm International Youth Science Seminar).

For some games and simulations related to research that earned the Nobel Prize, go to nobelprize.org/search/games-simulations.html (Nobel Foundation).

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Power Words

Nobel, Alfred Born 1833; died 1896. Swedish scientist who invented dynamite in 1866. When he died, he left his fortune to create a prize which is named for him. The Nobel Prize is awarded every year for scientific achievements in physics, physiology or medicine, and chemistry.

physiology The scientific study of the processes in living things that are needed for survival, such as circulation, respiration, and digestion.

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