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You can learn more about the Hol Chan Marine Reserve and Shark Ray Alley at http://www.ambergriscaye.com/holchan/ (AmbergrisCaye.com).

You can learn more about U.S. marine sanctuaries at http://www.sanctuaries.nos.noaa.gov/oms/oms.html

(National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration).

Kids Do Ecology


National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis, University of California, Santa Barbara

NOAA Kid’s Day


National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

Books recommended by SearchIt!Science:

[book] Swimming With Sharks — Twig C. George

Published by HarperCollins, 1999.

Sarah Marshall would rather be at summer camp than stuck with her grandparents in the hot Florida Keys. Then, she notices a strange fish off of her grandfather’s dock. When Sarah learns that the fish she’s been feeding every day is a baby lemon shark, she is fascinated. Sarah’s grandfather is a marine biologist, and together they spend hours tracking and studying the sharks in the sea. When the team discovers a shark fin poaching operation, they take action. Black-and-white illustrations accompany this information-packed story.

[book] Sharks — Eric S. Grace

Published by Sierra Club, 1999.

How do sharks see in the dark depths of the ocean? Do they drink lots of water, or face dehydration? If sharks are heavier than water, how do they keep from sinking? What does a shark’s skin feel like? This book from the Sierra Club Wildlife Library will answer plenty of questions about sharks—even questions you didn’t know you had. Vivid underwater photographs of the sleek creatures and clear diagrams accompany the text, which discusses shark anatomy, life cycles, hunting habits, and behavior. The idea that sharks “don’t deserve such a bloody reputation” is woven throughout the book, and a final chapter illuminates the struggle to save sharks from extinction at the hands of an especially dangerous predator: humans.

[book] Sharks — Paul L. Sieswerda

Published by Benchmark Books/Marshall Cavendish, 2002.

Have you ever been swimming in the ocean, and wondered if there was a shark lurking about? If you’ve ever worried about sharks, this informative book will teach you how realistic your fears are. Learn about the behavior of sharks, evolution of sharks, the different types of sharks, and whether or not sharks are fish. Find out the differences between basking sharks, megamouths, goblin sharks, and cookie-cutter sharks, among others. Shark anatomy, biology, and sense are discussed, and stories of shark attacks are told.

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