Teacher’s questions for Electronic skin

Teacher’s Questions for Electronic Skin


Before reading:

  1. List a few electronic devices that people use to keep track of their health.

During reading:

  1. Describe the size of the electronic device developed by Rogers and his collaborators that sticks on skin.
  2. Name three things about the wearer that the devices can record.
  3. Where can the information recorded by the devices be sent?
  4. Name two places other than skin where the devices can be stuck and what they record there.
  5. Describe an EEG and what it does.
  6. Explain two problems with EEGs.
  7. What is silicon used for?
  8. What challenge did scientists face when trying to use silicon for electronic devices that stick on skin and other body parts? Describe how the scientists solved this problem.

After reading:

  1. Why is it important for scientists to develop medical tracking devices that are small and wireless?
  2. Would you wear one of the sticky electronic devices on your skin or another body part? Explain why or why not.


  1. Can you think of any problems that may result from an increasing number of people wearing wireless electronic devices that track body and brain activity?