Teacher’s Questions for Icy Inns


Before reading:

  1. Describe what you know about icebergs.
  2. What sort of life would you expect to find in, on, under or around an iceberg?

During reading:

  1. Describe a marine food web you would expect to find linked to an iceberg.
  2. Why are icebergs so dangerous and difficult to study?
  3. Describe how an iceberg forms.
  4. Would you expect more or fewer icebergs to form if Earth warms further?
  5. What essential nutrient do icebergs supply phytoplankton?
  6. How are phytoplankton just as important as land plants?
  7. Name some of the tools and instruments scientists use to explore icebergs and their surroundings.
  8. What are krill? Why are they important?
  9. List several ways that icebergs impact the ocean.

After reading:

  1. Some scientists call icebergs biological “hotspots.” Do you agree? Explain why or why not.
  2. Imagine you wanted to study up close some of the organisms that live in and around icebergs. How would you do so safely? What instruments, tools or devices would you use?


  1. If icebergs are so good for marine life, can you think of one or more ways of artificially creating more of them? Would that be a good or bad idea? Explain.