Teacher’s questions for Science for All


Before Reading:

1. Think of any household product. Now brainstorm ways that science, technology, engineering or mathematics — any of the so-called STEM fields — could make it better.

During Reading:

  1. What common toy relies on silicone to give it some bounce?
  2. Define “polymer.”
  3. What product relies on the “Lochhead effect” to do its job?
  4. List two advantages of using a computer model to study a real-world event or phenomenon.
  5. Explain how Adam Duran’s Braille app works.
  6. What do waves, lava and dragon’s breath all have in common?
  7. Name several of the problems facing the world that John Holdren believes experts with a background in STEM can help solve.

After Reading:

  1. List several of your interests and then brainstorm different STEM careers that could incorporate your interests.
  2. Engineering is everywhere. Name a building, structure or public work in your community you would like to learn more about, including how it was designed and built.


  1. What would you do if you wanted to encourage interest in any or all of the STEM fields?