Teacher’s Questions for The world of secrets


Before reading:

  1. Why are secret codes useful? Who might benefit most from using them?

During reading:

  1. Briefly describe how David Walt created glowing E. coli bacteria.
  2. What role does agar play in Walt’s secret code detection?
  3. Explain the three levels of security that Walt’s code system uses.
  4. Name a disadvantage to Walt’s code system.
  5. Give one important purpose of chickadee calls.
  6. What sort of call would you expect a chickadee to make if it spied a fox?
  7. Describe how a smart phone can track the movements of its user.
  8. Why doesn’t deleting data on a computer necessarily erase it for good?

After reading:

  1. Describe a scenario where Walt’s secret code system could be useful.
  2. Why would listening to chickadees be worthwhile for other species of birds?


  1. Smartphones store details about every one you call or text; everywhere you go and when; and every website you visit. Can you think of ways that information could embarrass someone if it were made public? What ways can you think of to make sure that information remains private?