Weed wars teacher’s’ questions


Before reading:

  1. Describe what makes a weed different from other plants.
  2. Give two examples of a weed.


During reading:

  1. Explain how weeds on a farm can damage crops.
  2. What are three different ways to control weeds without using an herbicide?
  3. Describe three different ways farmers can use glyphosate without it harming crops.
  4. Name two of the 21 species of weed that have become resistant to glyphosate.
  5. How does glyphosate kill a weed?
  6. How does palmer pigweed resist being killed by glyphosate?
  7. How does horseweed resist being killed by glyphosate?
  8. Scientists have developed crops that are resistant to other things — name one example. Has genetically altering the food created a new problem?
  9. How do weeds on a farm harm more than just the crops?


After reading:

  1. Describe two methods to control weeds. Name one pro and one con for each method.
  2. Explain why you think the battle against weeds can or cannot be won.



  1. Explain why you would or would not use herbicides on your own garden or yard.
  2. Explain why you would or would not eat foods that are genetically modified, such as the glyphosate-resistant crops and the insect-resistant corn.