Alison Pearce Stevens

Freelance Writer

Alison Pearce Stevens is a former duck wrangler, beekeeper and forever science geek who specializes in writing about science and nature for kids. She lives in the Midwest with her husband, their two kids and a small menagerie of cuddly (and not-so cuddly) critters. She writes for Science News Explores, Highlights, ASK (Arts and Sciences for Kids) magazine and National Geographic Kids' Books. Her next book, Rhinos in Nebraska, comes out in 2021. She is also an avid gardener who can often be found in her yard, checking out the critters that call it home.

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  1. Life

    Caught in the act

    Scientists observe some evolutionary speed demons as they adapt over the course of just a few years to new environmental conditions.

  2. Microbes

    Some dirt won’t hurt

    It could even lower risks of serious allergic disease.

  3. Life

    Explainer: What is a stem cell?

    Special cells have ability to turn into several different types

  4. Life

    Stem cells: The secret to change

    Unusual, versatile cells hold the key to regrowing lost tissues.

  5. Brain

    Concussion: More than ‘getting your bell rung’

    This common brain injury can cause serious — and lasting — damage.

  6. Pathways to research: Pursuing a passion

    Young scientists get creative with their after-school work

  7. Pathways to research: Young scientists tackle abstract problems

    Students’ independent, theoretical investigations produce real-world results

  8. Environment

    Cool Jobs: Planet protectors

    Scientists develop new technologies that will make future cities more sustainable.