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  1. Physics

    News Brief: Brrrrr — that’s really cold!

    These atoms approached — and got oh so very close — to absolute zero.

  2. Physics

    New mirror picky in what it reflects

    A new type of mirror is selective in the light it reflects. It allows some wavelengths of radiation to pass through, while others bounce off.

  3. Physics

    How to pick up messages after they’re gone

    By watching for light’s ‘echoes,’ physicists think they can retrieve information being relayed by or as light. It could make it possible for astronomers to view distant objects without having to see the light they cast off.

  4. Space

    Dust erases evidence of primordial gravity waves

    In March 2014, scientists claimed to have found the first echoes of the Big Bang — ripples in the very fabric of space. A new analysis shows the experts were mistaken. Dust appears to explain the confusion.

  5. Physics

    New particle may help probe strongest force in the universe

    A newfound subatomic particle should allow scientists to better understand the strong force that holds together the nucleus of every atom.

  6. Space

    What to wear on Mars

    NASA released details of the new, more flexible apparel being designed for long-distance travelers — such as those bound for another planet.

  7. Earth

    Earthquake-triggered lightning?

    An experiment with beads offers support for the claim that a rare type of lightning may accompany some quakes.

  8. Physics

    Temperature ‘lock’ for new hard drives?

    A novel material can alter how easy it is to change data stored on it, based on temperature. One immediate application: more secure hard drives for computing.

  9. Planets

    So many ‘Earths’

    A new analysis suggests humans are not alone in the universe. Our galaxy alone may host billions of Earth-like planets, ones able to support life as we know it.

  10. Physics

    Higgs brings physicists a Nobel

    Anticipating the so-called “god particle” — and its critical role in explaining mass — captured the 2013 Nobel Prize in physics.

  11. Space

    Kepler telescope can’t be fixed

    It had been NASA’s top planet-hunting telescope.

  12. Physics

    Liquid undergoes magnetic ‘splits’

    The demonstration helps scientists begin how molecules in plants and animals naturally alter their shapes.