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  1. Psychology

    New training builds ‘mental’ muscles in athletes

    The training builds focus and resiliency while limiting the self-doubt that can cripple competitors’ ability to perform at their peak.

  2. Brain

    Evening screen time can sabotage sleep

    Blue light from electronic devices can impair the body’s ability to sleep, making it hard to focus in the morning.

  3. Planets

    Early Earth may have been a hot doughnut

    Synestia is the name some scientists are giving to the smooshed shape Earth might have developed after undergoing a violent cosmic smashup early in its infancy.

  4. Space

    Half the Milky Way may be stolen material

    A galaxy may import up to half of its atoms from other celestial bodies. That suggests much of our Milky Way has foreign origins, new simulations suggest.

  5. Earth

    Antarctic ice shelf sheds Delaware-sized iceberg

    Larsen C is a major ice shelf in Antarctica. An iceberg the size of Delaware has just splintered off of it in one of the largest calving events ever recorded.

  6. Environment

    Trees can make summer ozone levels much worse

    The greenery can release chemicals into the air that react with combustion pollutants to make ozone. And trees release more of those chemicals where it gets really hot, a new study finds.

  7. Planets

    Jupiter gets surprisingly complex new portrait

    NASA’s Juno spacecraft has sent back unexpected details about Jupiter, giving scientists their first close-up of this gas giant.

  8. Space

    How the solar system’s tail disappeared

    A bubble envelops the planets and other material in the solar system. New data show it does not have a long tail but is round.

  9. Earth

    Keeping space missions from infecting Earth and other worlds

    Scientists are always looking for ways to stop Earthly microbes from polluting other planets. The same goes for bringing bits of other planets back to Earth.

  10. Animals

    Cool Jobs: A world aglow

    Three scientists probe how the natural world makes light, in hopes of using this information to design new and better products.

  11. Health & Medicine

    Jiggly gelatin: Good workout snack for athletes?

    Eating a vitamin-rich, Jell-O-like snack could help the body make the collagen needed to repair bones and ligaments that can be damaged by exercise.

  12. Microbes

    Giant cave crystals may be home to 50,000-year-old microbes

    Microbes trapped in crystals in Mexico's Naica mine may represent some of the most distinct life forms ever found. The microbes have remained dormant for up to 50,000 years.