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  1. Space

    Galaxy count has just spiked

    The universe may have hosted 2 trillion galaxies. That’s about 10 times as many as astronomers had thought were out there.

  2. Space

    Smash hit? Comet mission comes to an end

    Rosetta’s 12-year mission to a comet has come to a bittersweet end. The orbiter turned off its cameras, settled down on its rocky home and entered a deep and lasting sleep.

  3. Space

    Lost lander spotted on comet’s surface

    Scientists have spotted the missing comet lander. Philae landed in a shadow, which kept the sun from recharging its batteries.

  4. Space

    Sun’s nearest stellar neighbor may have Earth-like planet

    A planet roughly the size of Earth orbits within the “Goldilocks” zone of the Proxima Centauri. Only 4.2 light-years away, this star is the one closest to our sun.

  5. Planets

    Jupiter’s Great Red Spot is really, really hot

    The Great Red Spot, a storm churning on Jupiter for at least 150 years, may be helping to keep the planet warm, a new study finds.

  6. Space

    A new, nonexplosive source of black holes?

    At least one black hole may have formed from the collapse of a cloud of gas, which is not the usual birthing scheme. This might even be how some of the earliest gargantuan black holes developed.

  7. Planets

    New clues in search for Planet Nine

    New details about Planet Nine, a hypothetical object on the edge of our solar system, might help scientists actually find it.

  8. Planets

    That’s no moon: Earth’s tiny tagalong

    A newly discovered asteroid appears to be orbiting Earth, like a new mini-moon. In fact, it’s really orbiting the sun.

  9. Space

    Success! The Juno spacecraft is now orbiting Jupiter

    After nearly five years, the probe has safely reached its target. Juno will spend 20 months in orbit around the planet so that scientists can probe the many mysteries of this gas giant.

  10. Planets

    Juno’s knocking on Jupiter’s door

    The Juno spacecraft will peer into Jupiter’s clouds and fly in close to its monstrous auroras.

  11. Physics

    Gravity waves are seen again

    Four months after scientists announced the first detection of gravity waves, another set of ripples in spacetime have emerged. The new ones come from the clash of mid-size black holes in the distant universe.

  12. Planets

    Jupiter’s stormy weather runs deep

    Jupiter is covered in swirling storms. A new 3-D map of the planet’s atmosphere shows those storms start far, far below the clouds.