Julie Rehmeyer

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  1. Math

    Shuffling shenanigans

    A magician-turned-mathematician figures out how many times to shuffle a deck of cards before playing Old Maid

  2. Math

    Play for Science

    Computer scientists are developing programs to win popular games. In the process, they are developing solutions for other, more serious, puzzles.

  3. Space

    Unearthing Ancient Astronomy

    Researchers discover that ancient Peruvians were tracking the skies 4,000 years ago.

  4. Animals

    Helping the cause of macaws

    Scientists' discoveries about macaws may help these magnificent birds survive.

  5. Math

    How to Slice a Cake Fairly

    Mathematicians work out a fairer way for two people to share cake.

  6. Earth

    Bugs with gas

    Microbes living in sand under the sea may produce gases such as propane.

  7. Fossils

    Flying on Wings and Legs

    An ancient bird had feathers on its legs that may have helped it fly.